Who Else Wants The 'No Holds Barred' Secrets To Giving Your Wife Mind Blowing... Body Shaking... Multiple Orgasms... With Oral Sex?

...the shockingly candid truth...from a woman's perspective...

From the desk of: Susan Irwin

Dear Orally Inclined Husband,

Are you curious about the erotic possibilities of oral sex?

Do you love "the idea" of giving your wife oral pleasure but the reality never seems to match your fantasies?

When you try to work oral sex into the "sexual mix" in your marriage, does it (usually) leave you frustrated and your wife...underwhelmed?

Does your wife sometimes resist letting you perform oral sex?

Would you like, finally, to learn how to make oral sex a regular part of your sex life...a sexual event that both you and your wife anticipate?

How great would it be to know that you have the ability to bring your wife to intense, "out of mind and body experiences"...with your tongue?

If so, I'd like to let you in on a secret...

Oral sex is the best...most reliable...way to bring a woman to the absolute limits of her sexual and orgasmic potential...whether your wife knows it or not...and whether she has "the nerve" to tell you or not...

This is why, as a woman and wife, I want to congratulate you on your interest in oral sex and your desire to become skilled at pleasing your wife, orally.

Oral sex shouldn't be just a "nice to try" part of a married couple's sex life.

It can (and should) be one of the most important and fulfilling parts of every couple's sexual play.


Because (as you know) the desire to please your wife, orally, is one of the deepest and most intense sexual desires for most men.

Connecting with your wife's body (and soul) in ways that are only possible through oral sex is one of the most amazing and fulfilling sexual experiences that any man can enjoy.

Watching (and feeling) your wife's (entire) body spasm from wave after wave of orgasmic bliss...from the "front row seat" that oral sex provides...is one of the most intensely erotic experiences possible.

If you aren't skilled at oral sex...you
really aren't a "good lover" at all...

And, if you are honest with yourself, you know that every man (including you) longs to feel that he is not just a "good lover," but a "great lover."

Knowing that you are the best lover your wife has ever had...or could have...is (and should be) an important factor in a man's self esteem.

Knowing that you are (or aren't) a skilled lover has a dramatic impact on your confidence...as a man!

But it's not just about you...

Oral sex is, technically speaking, the best and most effective way to consistently bring a woman to orgasm.

This isn't just my opinion, it is an anatomical and physiological fact!

It's really very simple: most of your wife's "sexual hot spots"...the parts of her sexual anatomy that are most likely to bring her to truly stunning levels of sexual arousal and orgasm...can only be stimulated as directly...and for as long as she needs (physiologically)...through skillful cunnilingus...

Do you realize that when you are capable of bringing your wife to deep sexual arousal and intensely pleasurable orgasms, you are also increasing how much she loves you too?

I'm not talking about how much she "loves" you, mentally or intellectually...I'm talking about how her body feels about you!

When a woman's body is overwhelmed by the physiological effects of the type of intense, whole body and multiple orgasms that are only possible through skillful cunnilingus...her body and brain are flooded with chemicals and hormones that actually give her deeper emotional and psychological feelings of being more "in love" (with you)...more attracted (to you) and more connected (to you).

She has no control over this...it "just happens"...automatically...and naturally...it is as addictive and powerful as any drug could ever be...and you become this "love drug" to her...

This then becomes the beginning of a wonderful and positive cycle...

The intense orgasmic pleasures that you give her...through oral sex...increase her overall sexual desire...it increases her anticipation for "the next" sexual encounter between the two of you...and it increases her attraction to you.

As her desire increases and her inhibitions decrease, you have more and better opportunities to apply your skills at cunnilingus.

As your cunnilingus skills improve and your "opportunities to practice" increase, you get better and better at giving her even more intense sexual pleasure.

And the amazing cycle of sexual pleasure and connection between you and your wife continues...over and over again...

My name is Susan Irwin.

My husband, Robert Irwin, and I have devoted over a decade to helping married men and women to make their sex lives positive, exciting and marriage enhancing.

Why am I singing the praises of oral sex?

Because, after helping thousands of couples to improve their marriages and sex lives through our books and seminars and personally helping hundreds of couples through our sex coaching program, one thing is very clear...

There is a lot of silly and useless information floating around on the subject of oral sex...

It's virtually impossible to turn on the television, open a magazine or surf the web without stumbling on to some really awful advice about oral sex being spouted by a supposed "expert."

I'm sick and tired of knowing that there are so many men and women suffering from being exposed to this junk advice.

Also, because our books and websites are so popular, I have a unique opportunity to witness, "up close and personal," the negative effects that this "junk advice" can have on a couple's sex life and marriage.

Almost every day, I receive a letter or email from a husband that is confused, frustrated, or both, with his inability to truly please his wife, orally.

Sometimes...a wife won't even consider allowing her husband to even "try" cunnilingus...

Most of the time, even if a wife will "let" her husband "try" to please her, orally, they both end up thinking, What's the big deal about oral sex anyhow?"

After the hundredth (or so) request for us (my husband and I) to address the topic of oral sex directly, I decided to research the available books and resources on the topic.

I didn't want to have to write a book on oral sex if I could just recommend one.

But, after researching and reading practically every book available on cunnilingus...it became clear that there was a huge need for a book that was simple...clear...easy to follow...and based on scientific facts about female anatomy and sexual response...not "urban legends" and myths...equally important...

...there was a need for a book written by a sexually knowledgeable woman that was willing to "tell it like it is"...to husbands and wives both...

My husband, Robert Irwin, writes most of our books and resources (I'm pretty busy in my role as "VP of Family And Teenager Management"). But, I volunteered to write this book because I knew that the "missing element" in most of the books we found on cunnilingus was that they didn't (well enough) communicate to men how it feels, during cunnilingus...from the woman's side of the bed.

Most books on cunnilingus are written by men...(self proclaimed) experts...that have the amusingly obvious disadvantage of never (ever) having experienced what it really feels like to have their clitoris...or G Spot... correctly...or incorrectly... stimulated... because they don't have either!

It was "high time" that there was a book written about cunnilingus that would tell "the truth...the whole truth and nothing but the truth"...and now there has been...

I've just finished putting years of experience in my role as a sex coach...months of serious research into the latest scientific knowledge about female anatomy and sexual response (reading virtually every available book, article and published report on these subjects)...and every ounce of true passion that I have for this subject into a new book,titled...

How To Put The "Oh!" In Oral Sex
The Ultimate Oral Sex
Guide For Husbands

...from the woman's side of the bed

How To Put The "Oh!" In Oral
How To Put The "Oh!" In Oral

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There is a true need for a book like this...

We've received thousands of requests for a book like this from frustrated husbands and wives.

And, now that it is finished...you can... finally... learn how to make cunnilingus intensely pleasurable for your wife...every time...and erotically enjoyable and fulfilling for you!

In this (super comprehensive) book, you will discover...

  • How to help your wife to overcome her reluctance (if she is) to allowing you to perform cunnilingus.
  • Is oral sex unhealthy, dirty or sinful?
  • Why oral sex is, technically, the best way to consistently bring your wife to satisfying and intense orgasms.
  • Why oral sex is such a "big deal" to men: why you aren't a "weirdo" for really (really) wanting to give your wife oral pleasure.
  • The whole truth about your wife's clitoris: the clitoral realities that 99% of men don't know and how these realities can make you a cunnilingus star.
  • Exactly how (step by step) to stimulate your wife, orally, to give her the chance at multiple orgasms.
  • What NOT (never) to do during oral sex.
  • Why skilled cunnilingus can help you to overcome common male problems such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.
  • The best position for mind blowing cunnilingus.
  • The "non hyped" truth about your wife's G Spot and female ejaculation.
  • One of the most comprehensive and best illustrated overviews of the female sexual anatomy ever and how a better understanding of your wife's sexual anatomy makes it INFINITELY easier to arouse her sexually.
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about the sights, smells and tastes of oral sex with your wife and how to use these erotically charged things to super charge your overall sensual experience.
  • The ways in which you and your wife, sexually, are virtually exactly the same and how these similarities can help you to anticipate and fulfill her sexual needs, orally, before she even thinks to ask!
  • The ways in which you and your wife are dramatically different, sexually, and how you can use these differences to make cunnlingus even better.
  • A uniquely structured and comprehensive structure to the book. You get "the best of all worlds" in this book: a HUGE list of potential tips, tricks and techniques to use to make your cunnilingus sessions different every time (and amazing) AND a simple, "always works" list of "never fail" techniques that you will be able to remember (and use) immediately.
  • Every potentially erogenous part of your wife's body (there are WAY more than you think) and the best way to stimulate them, orally.
  • A "down to earth" approach to the emotional, mental and psychological factors that surround oral sex for some women and how to best deal with them (from a woman's perspective!).
  • Why not including cunnilingus as a regular part of your married sex life is a fundamental mistake.
  • Why, in many ways, oral sex is BETTER than any other kind of sex with your wife.
  • How To avoid cunnilingus becoming uncomfortable or unpleasant for either of you.
  • How To put together cunnilingus and G Spot stimulation to give your wife a "mixed" type of orgasmic pleasure that many women will NEVER experience in their whole lives!

BONUS: As a special bonus, I've also included the ENTIRE CONTENTS of the popular "Healing Touch Massage," as well. This great little book will show you how to add sensual massage to your sexual skills and repertoire too!

Here's what one extremely happy user of the techniques in How To Put The "Oh!" In Oral" had to say:

Truly intense, mutual pleasure...

"I am 43 years old and thought I was pretty good in bed...

My wife and I have a solid relationship and an above average sex life (always have)...

But, until last night, neither of us truly knew the definition of "truly intense mutual pleasure!"...

Last night, while applying the information in chapter six, before even getting to the end of your "always works, step-by-step plan, my wife grabbed the back of my head and started to ride grind against my face in a way that, initially, startled me...

By the time she was actually finished climaxing, we had rode, together, three of the most intense (and long) orgasms that either of us have ever come close to!


Orlando, FL

Here's what another man had to say about the information in this book:

She had one of the longest orgasms ever...

My wife and I were definitely in that negative 'sexual spiral' that you talked about in chapter one (when it came to oral sex)...

I have always (always!) had a strong desire (need?) to give my wife oral pleasure...

There is 'just something' especially attractive and intriguing about going down on a woman. I thought there might be something wrong with me because I thought about 'going down' on my wife all the time and I wanted to do it so badly (thanks for making it clear how I'm not weird!)...

But, in the past, my wife and I just weren't able to make the whole "oral thing" work; something wasn't "clicking"...

She had trouble relaxing and receiving pleasure (it was a few things in the 'before you dive in' chapter) and I never felt like I was "getting the hang of" cunnilingus...

So, over time, neither of us were killing ourselves to try oral sex that often.

Last week, after finishing your book (thanks so much for the review copy!) I had the confidence (and desire!) to bring up the subject again...

After she admitted that some of her reluctances toward oral were not super logical and I asked her to be patient as I tried some new stuff, we gave it another shot...

And, I am happy to tell you that, this time, it was a whole new experience, entirely...

I was "in the moment" and more aroused than I can ever remember and she had one of the longest orgasms ever. It seemed to go on forever! I think it was just one, but it was so long and came in like ten "waves." Maybe it was more than one?

Thank you for taking the time to write such a heart felt book on this topic. Your book is the first book that seemed to "get" how much I wanted to make oral sex a real part of my married sex life...

It was a special "bonus" that it was written from your perspective (a woman's) because it gave me that extra little boost of confidence that you (really) did know what you were talking about and that I could trust you and risk "one more" attempt at oral with my wife...

Los Angeles, CA

Here's some feedback from a female reader:

I now know my sexual anatomy and what it takes to find those "bigger and better" orgasms...

"When Robert mentioned to your subscribers that you were writing a book on cunnilingus FOR MEN, initially, I was kind of angry...

But, now I am THRILLED that I asked you to send me a review copy before you were finished!

In my marriage, I am the one that was always dreaming about cunnilingus (on me, by my husband, of course!).

I have (a million times) initiated having my husband go down on me...

Bless him, I love him and he's the best husband ever. And, he's always been fairly good in bed and unselfish and all of that stuff, but his "oral skills" were just bad...

It was like he was lost or aimlessly meandering around my vagina. Although I don't have any problem having an orgasm (especially during oral), I just "knew" that there were bigger and better orgasms possible for me if my husband was better at oral...

Ironically, after reading your book, I realized that neither of us really knew all that much about what was "going on down there." I didn't really know that much more than him!

Now I feel like I know my sexual anatomy and what it takes to find those "bigger and better" orgasms and my husband is like a different guy...

Tuesday afternoon (the kids were at their Grandmother's house) we printed out chapter six and, as a team, "got down to business"...

This time, I DID experience (two) bigger and better orgasms...bigger and better than I can ever remember...

Although it's hard to imagine they get any bigger and better than those...we are definitely going to try!

Thanks again."

I knew that

Long Island, NY

You will also learn...

  • Why "foreplay" is not just a "maybe" type of activity before cunnilingus.
  • What important role your wife's breasts and nipples play in the overall cunnilingus experience.
  • How to become a master at female arousal and foreplay and how to make it fun for you, not a chore.
  • An in-depth overview of all eighteen of the "sexual hot spots" in and around your wife's clitoris and the best way to find and excite them, orally.
  • Why you (and your wife) need to stop believing the various myths about "non clitoral" orgasms and how believing these myths can kill your sex life.
  • Why Sigmund Freud should have never (ever) talked about sex and why he may have caused YOU grief in bed.
  • Why religious myths about oral sex are neither Scripturally based or helpful.
  • What to do with your fingers (and toes) during cunnilingus.
  • Exactly when (and when not) to try to lick and how to do it.
  • Can your wife have female ejaculations? Should she? What are they?
  • Tens of "kissing techniques."
  • All of the best positions for oral sex.
  • The mouth and tongue exercise that will make you fit for cunnililingus.
  • The sexual exercises that will make sex for you and your wife tremendously more pleasurable.

And there is more, much more...

How To Put The "Oh!" In Oral Sex
The Ultimate Oral Sex
Guide For Husbands

...from the woman's side of the bed

How To Put The "Oh!" In Oral
How To Put The "Oh!" In Oral

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Try How To Put The "Oh!" In Oral.

Then, at your leisure, utilize its secrets to surprise and delight yourself as your wife begins to sexually transform...along your increased oral fulfillment and your marriage relationship.

Increase your wife's sexual and orgasmic boundaries and your cunnilingus skills.

If you are not absolutely thrilled with the increased amount and intensity of the oral sex and pleasure in your marriage, just let me know and I'll promptly and courteously refund 100% of your money - with no questions asked...for an entire 60 days!

If, for any reason (or no reason at all), you decide this book hasn't doubled or tripled the intensity and frequency of the oral sex in your marriage...I will refund every penny you paid. Furthermore, I'll even let you keep the book for your trouble!

So, as you can see, you will be discovering a whole new level of sexual pleasure and fulfillment...at our risk...not yours!

Whether you are a young man...or past middle age...this proven information will help you to achieve the sexual potential in your marriage.

Because this guide is only offered in an electronic, e-book format, you can begin your journey of sexual achievement immediately...even if it's 2 AM in the morning!

Plus, you never have to worry about facing the lady at the register in the book store. Your purchase is in total privacy and your personal copy of this powerful book will be downloaded to your computer in less than 2 minutes!

Your total (no hidden charges) investment in the future of your married sex life is only $57.00.

Your order is completely private and discreet.

Nothing on your billing information will indicate what you have ordered. Your billing will simply reference "SPI."

We NEVER share or sell to or share our customer's information with ANYONE...EVER!

Your order is processed through our secure shopping cart and server systems and your financial information is passed along in an encrypted and totally secure manner.

Why would you wait?

Life is so much more fun when it includes frequent, passionate, mutually-fulfilling oral sex with the woman you love.


Susan Irwin

P.S. The discount pricing on this book is truly limited, so grab your copy right now! Don't be the only husband left feeling frustrated about his lack of oral opportunties and skill.

P.P.S. This book started out as "just" a book about oral sex, but it ended up being about so much more! This book is filled with many sexual facts and insights that most people don't (or will ever) know that I guarantee you will have several "Wow, I didn't know that!" moments. And, even if you think you already know quite a bit about oral sex, this book will help you to become a great lover, in general.



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